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Learn more about Dispencell in the FCCF webinar

Published on 2020-06-09

EPFL-Flow Cytometry Core Facility (FCCF)

Single cell isolation is a key enabling step in many biological processes, including single cell genomics, cell line development, CRISPR and rare cell isolation.

DispenCell offers a game changer solution for your workflow. Fast, gentle, intuitive and compact; complementary to flow cytometry sorting, it is perfect to dispense cells after enrichment.

By using sterile disposable tips, the solution prevents cross-contamination of samples and can easily perform under a hood being the perfect complement to a flow cytometry sorting.

Additionally, DispenCell is combined with DispenSoft, a software to guide you through the workflow, save and trace your data providing you immediate and reliable single-cell quality control.

Curious about all the possibilities offered by DispenCell ?

here's a link to our recorded webinar followed by a live demo.