About us

What happens when you mix a scientist with a vision and a cutting-edge engineer? It's not far from magic, it's called DISPENCELL. Georges and David, co-founders of SEED Biosciences, had a vision: One Click, One Cell. It is during their PhD years that their vision became a reality. Supervised by their respective mentors, and nontheless prestigious professors from EPFL, Prof. Barrandon and Prof. Renaud, they developed the first prototype of what was going to become DISPENCELL, SEED Biosciences' unique single cell dispenser. A talented pool of creative and resourceful engineers backed up the team every step of the way until SEED Biosciences' official incorporation in 2018. Today SEED Biosciences is proudly composed of talented engineers, scientits and sales and marketing experts.

Board of directors

Dr. Georges Muller

CEO and cofunder

Dr Georges Muller, CEO and cofounder has a PhD in bioengineering from Prof. Barrandon’s Lab at the... more

Dr. David Bonzon

CTO and cofunder

David Bonzon, CTO and cofounder has a PhD in microengineering from Prof. Renaud’s Lab. David is an... more

Eric Meurville


Eric Meurville, cofounder holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and Digital Signal... more

Prof. Yann Barrandon


Prof. Yann Barrandon, cofounder is currently the Holder of the Lee & Lee Chair of Plastic Surgery... more

Dr. Chris Radloff


Dr. Chris Radloff, business angel provides guidance in business. Chris is a senior executive with... more

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