Proof of clonality

We make DISPENCELL, a gentle and intuitive tool for single cell isolation

DISPENCELL a key enabler for personalized medicine
Single cell isolation is a key enabling step in many biological processes, including the production of biologics, cancer diagnosis, stem cell therapies and personalized medicine.
“Simple is beautiful” is our mantra. We provide a simple solution for single cell dispensing that is gentle, intuitive yet affordable and compliant with the most stringent regulatory standards.
DISPENCELL is a compact pipetting robot engineered to host an impedance analyzer for detection of single cells at high resolution. A low-pressure pump allows for extremely gentle single cell dispensing.
Working with DISPENCELL offers you multiple benefits so that you stay focus on your single cell assay, while the dispenser does the work.


For effective quality control


Preserves the most fragile cells


Simple interface and hardware, no cleaning or calibration-free


No cleaning, no calibration

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