DISPENCELL: automated pipetting robot for single cell seeding

The award-winning single cell seeding robot that delivers human touch at robot speed.

DISPENCELL is an automated pipetting robot for single cell seeding.

It is fitted with impedance-based cell seeding technology that allows handling of cells as gentle as manual pipetting yet much faster. This ensures that cell viability and outgrowth are preserved, resulting in a high cloning efficiency.

DISPENCELL’s patented sensing tip detects the passage of cells. As each cell travels through the tip, a unique electrical signal is triggered. This is immediately recorded, allowing the user to check for proof of monoclonality straight after the cells are dispensed.

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Proof of Monoclonality icon

Proof of Monoclonality

Traceable proof of monoclonality

Instant reporting

Gentle Handling icon

Gentle Handling

Pressure less than 0.2 psi

As gentle as manual pipetting, yet more efficient

Fast Pipetting icon

Fast Pipetting

Pipettes into a 96 well plate in just 10 minutes

High Cloning Efficiency icon

High Cloning Efficiency

Gentle pipetting preserves cell integrity and viability

Disposable tip ensures no cross-contamination

Easy to Use icon

Easy to Use

Intuitive, with simple interface

No cleaning needed

No calibration required

Compact icon


Benchtop sized

Fits under a sterile culture hood

High cloning efficiency.

Read our application note here to see how DISPENCELL achieved monoclonality in 95% of pipetted wells compared to just 22% in limiting dilution.

DISPENCELL versus Limiting Dilution for efficient and affordable single-cell cloning

Oct. 2022


Reliable single cell isolation for use across a range of applications.

A pipette dropping liquid into a pink tray

Cell Line Development

A close-up of a molecule

Monoclonal Antibody Screening

Several cells in a cell

Rare Cell Isolation

Close-up of a dna chain

CRISPR-Mediated Gene Editing

View our applications notes of DISPENCELL in action here.