Monoclonal antibody screening

Improved Clone Viability and Outgrowth.

Therapeutic antibodies have recently emerged as one of the most successful immunotherapy strategies for the treatment of cancers. Monoclonal antibodies are laboratory-produced molecules generated by cloning and engineered to enhance or mimic our immune system. They are used by scientists to target and identify specific cells and antigens. They work as antibodies in tandem with the human immune system against cancer cells. Antigen-specific monoclonal antibodies can be identified by screening for hybridoma clones or antigen-specific immune cells. To mount a successful monoclonal antibody-based discovery, you need technologies that allow rapid identification and characterization of candidate molecules to identify those with superior target reactivity and optimized functionality.


Using DISPENCELL, it is possible to clone CHO cells or other industrial cell lines shortly after transfection, thus maintaining high producer cells. Alternatively, you can first enrich the cell pool by producing cells using cell sorters or selection procedures. In this case, sorted cells can be allowed to recover before they are cloned with DISPENCELL.


In such workflow, DISPENCELL’s gentle cell seeding system allows high cell viability and outgrowth, yet higher efficiency than limiting dilution. DISPENCELL is easy to use, with no calibration or maintenance required. A proof of clonality report offers an immediate monoclonality assurance.

To learn how DISPENCELL achieved 5x more wells with growing colonies than limiting dilution, read the application note.

DISPENCELL versus Limiting Dilution for efficient and affordable single-cell cloning

Oct. 2022