About us

Georges and David, co-founders of SEED Biosciences, had a vision: One Click, One Cell. It is during their PhD years that their vision became a reality. Supervised by their respective mentors, and prestigious professors from EPFL, Prof. Barrandon and Prof. Renaud, they developed the first prototype of DISPENCELL. A talented pool of creative and resourceful engineers backed up the team every step of the way until SEED Biosciences’ official incorporation in 2018. Today SEED Biosciences is proudly composed of talented engineers, scientists, sales and marketing experts.

Board of Directors.

  • Photo of Chris Radloff

    Chris Radloff


  • Photo of Jean-Luc Boulnois

    Jean-Luc Boulnois

    Board Member

  • Photo of Piero Zucchelli

    Piero Zucchelli

    Board Member

  • Photo of Dr. Georges Muller

    Dr. Georges Muller

    CEO and cofounder

  • Photo of Dr. David Bonzon

    Dr. David Bonzon

    CTO and cofounder

Meet our team.

Charlotte Broennimann

Buisness Development Manager

Alessia Baldo

Business Development Manager

Guillaume Rodel

Production & Field Specialist

Luc Aeberli

Application Engineer

Arnaud Gelb

Application Specialist

Mathias Meersman

Software Engineer

Muriel Broggi

Logistics Coordinator

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