SEED Biosciences obtains the electronic compatibility certification for DISPENCELL

SEED Biosciences recently obtained electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certification for its brand-new robot DISPENCELL. We asked David Bonzon, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at SEED Biosciences, to explain what this step means for the company.

What is electromagnetic compatibility certification?

The environment in which we work and live nowadays is becoming increasingly crowded with electronic devices. All of these emit electromagnetic radiation in differing amounts. However, the amount of electromagnetic spectrum that we can use in a way that’s safe for human health and doesn’t interfere with nearby devices is limited. That’s why regulatory agencies have imposed limits on the electromagnetic emissions a device can generate.

Electromagnetic compatibility testing is intended to ensure that an electronic device doesn’t emit large amounts of electromagnetic radiation that will interfere with the functioning of the devices around it. It also tests whether the instrument continues to function properly in the presence of external electromagnetic interference.

How is the certification achieved?

The SEED Biosciences achieved certification has been achieved through a world-leading laboratory for validated analytical methods, Eurofins. The electromagnetic compatibility has been tested in the Swiss branch Eurofins Electric & Electronic Product Testing AG in Switzerland that is specialized in EMC-, Safety- and Radio testing and certification.

We were asked to place our single-cell dispenser in a sealed, and insulated room surrounded by electromagnetic emitters, detectors, and antennas. The lab experts put our device to the test, carrying out all the checks needed to be sure it meets the required standards.

Why is electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certification important for SEED Biosciences?

Electromagnetic compatibility certification demonstrates DISPENCELL’s ability to function accurately in a lab environment, even when a certain degree of electromagnetic interference is present. It also shows that DISPENCELL will not affect the performance of other EMC-compliant devices nearby.

The certification is mandatory in many countries and it will strengthen our competitive position in the market. It proves that DISPENCELL can be confidently used in a lab setting without causing or being affected by interference.

Company Description

SEED Biosciences is an enabler for precision medicine. Our award-winning company has the vision to democratize the use of single cells in biology. To do so, we provide scientists with innovative tools that are gentle with cells, affordable, intuitive, and most importantly, compliant with the most stringent regulatory demands. Our first product DispenCell enables scientists to isolate single cell lines 3x faster and 10x cheaper than existing solutions. Our ambition is to set new standards in single cell biology in order to accelerate the translation of precision medicine from research to personalized therapies for the benefit of patients.