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At SEED Biosciences we make DISPENCELL, an automated laboratory instrument designed for fast, easy and gentle single cell isolation. Developed by scientists for scientists, DSIPENCELL has been thought to quickly integrate your lab routine in a plug-and-play approach. Flexible and effortless, DISPENCELL operates equally under sterile conditions in a culture hood, or on a simple benchtop.
Dispencell and computer
Dipencell top view
Disposable sterile kit


The open deck contains two separate carriers to load 96- or 384-well plates. The dispensing head with its dispensing unit can move freely on a 3-axes robotic stage.


benchtop-sized and easy to set up, DISPENCELL fits perfectly under a hood to work under sterile conditions, on a bench top for routine seeding or in a pre-existing automated workflow.


A patented disposable tip, developed by SEED Biosciences experts, ensures clean isolation of single cells and no cross contamination. Certified animal-component free and cytotoxic materials free.

Proof of clonality

DISPENCELL comes with a single cell analysis software tool, providing you with an immediate and traceable proof of clonality report.

Technical specifications

500 times gentler than cell sorters

Dispencell Cell sorters
Pressure Less than 0.1 psi 20 to 70 psi
Plate holder 2 plates (96 or 384) 1 plate
Cell parameters Size and doublets Size, doublets, colors
Minimal cell nb 100 >5’000
Sample prep. 10 min 30 min
Calibration No need 30 min to 1h
Dispensing 96 MWP in 5min 96 MWP in 2min
Cleaning No need 30 min
Dispencell software interface


Proof of clonality

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