Single cell dispenser

DISPENCELL is a compact pipetting robot engineered to host an impedance analyzer for detection of single cells at high resolution and a low-pressure pump for gentle single cell dispensing.
DISPENCELL holds two multi-well plates (max 384-well plate format). Dispensing single cells into a 96-well plate takes about 10min. DISPENCELL comes with kits, including a sterile and disposable sensing tip. One tip can be used to dispense up to three 348-well plates.
Dispencell Others
Pressure Less than 0.1 psi 20 to 70 psi
Plate holder 2 plates (96 or 384) 1 plate
Cell parameters Size and doublets Size, doublets, colors
Minimal cell nb 100 >5’000
Sample prep. 10 min 30 min
Calibration No need 30 min to 1h
Dispensing 96 MWP in 10min 96 MWP in 2min
Cleaning No need 30 min
DISPENCELL comes with a single cell analysis software tool, providing you with an immediate and traceable proof of clonality report. This report tells you immediately which wells host a single cell, providing you with a reliable quality control of your single cell assay.