The rationale
State of the art methods make it very difficult to obtain a proven single cell. Cells are likely to be stressed and samples to be cross-contaminated. Existing methods are either too expensive or too time consumming. However single-cell analysis is of critical importance in revealing population heterogeneity, identifying populations of interest as well as discovering unique characteristics of individual cells. A wide range of applications depend on proof of clonality, high cell viability and cloning efficiency. Cell line development, rare cell isolation, CRISPR, single cell genomics, monoclonal antibody, to name a few. DISPENCELL is the solution to this challenge.
The Science behind
DISPENCELL is coupled with a sensing tip that acts as a Coulter counter. As a single cell passes through the Coulter aperture to flow into the well, it leaves an electrical signature that appears as a unique peak, whereas multiple peaks result from doublets or multiple cells. A small amplitude peak is the mark of debris. At the end of the experiment, each impedance profile is magnified and examined in detail. Wells that do not meet the quality control criteria are rejected. Our core technology has been developed and patented at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).
Gentle, Monoclonal and Contamination free
DISPENCELL's unique technology allows cells to be seeded as gently as standart pipetting and therefor preserves their integrity and viability. The open deck contains two separate carriers to load 96- or 384-well plates. The dispensing head with its dispensing unit can move freely on a 3-axes robotic stage, not require specific training or mantainance. The interface is user-friendly and flexible. A proof of clonality report provides you with an immediate and traceable proof of clonality. A patented disposable tip, developed by SEED Biosciences experts, ensures clean isolation of single cells and no cross contamination. Certified animal-component free and cytotoxic materials free.